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Calming the Mind through Meditation & Breathwork

2 Group Session a Week
1 Session a Week
3 Group Session a Week

Enso has been assisting individuals who struggle with anxiety, depression, mental as well as addiction disorders to lesson and in some instances successfully better manage their individual symptoms themselves through the means of restorative mindfulness sessions. One of the facilities who benefited from the Restorative sessions is Evexia, the first fully licensed psychiatric day-care centre in South Africa.

Enso's restorative sessions provides individuals with the opportunity to recover their equilibrium as well as create an awareness toward the preconditioned patterns within their lives that are no longer serving them.


Job loss, financial difficulties, physical health, relationship complications, addiction disorders, media overload, anxiety, mental and emotional struggles all contribute to the body being in a chronic state of stress. If these stressors are not identified and being managed in a way the parasympathetic nervous system and natural relaxation response becomes rusty. ​

It is a practice of healing the body while providing the individual with a tool to potentially start leaning toward decision making that will contribute to an over all sense of well being.

* Sessions can be booked for larger groups for rehabilitation purposes, corporate or private sessions are available as well as smaller intimate group sessions catering for 4 individuals or more.

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