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I still remember the very first Sleeping Swan I did. As my forehead touched the mat and my arms stretched out in front of me and I simply breathed into and relaxed in this tremendous stretch, I felt this amazing feeling of calm and ease wash over me. I still feel that with every single Sleeping Swan.


So the question came to mind - WHY is this Asana bringing me such a feeling of peace…


I am not tightly wound muscularly at all; it is in fact the opposite. I am quite flexible and generally don’t struggle with Yin Asanas. Why then if I am not struggling to ease into the stretch (i.e. I am not physically feeling much) does this pose bring me to such an amazing space of relief and release?


So I read up a bit about the benefits, how this Asana affects one emotionally as well as physically.


The physical benefits are outstanding alone as this Asana is linked to the VAGUS nerve, which regulates and communicates with our inner nervous system – parasympathetic nervous system. It communicates and sends out sensory impulses to every single organ in your body without you even knowing it’s happening


And it was an a-ha! Moment.


Seeing as I am one to generally withhold my true feelings and emotions. Sometimes even from myself. This Asana makes perfect sense. The tension I am holding onto is not a physical one. It is an emotional tension I am experiencing. The area it seems where we unconsciously store a lot of emotional tension is in fact in the hips.


I now understand the deeper meaning within the deliciousness of this Asana and the reason behind it. Yes it is tremendously beneficial physically but there is much more to this powerful Asana.

Much Love,  


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