We as a society is so bombarded with external input. It's music, while we are driving, tv in the background; while we are preparing supper. It's IPads and phones; while we are watching tv...Simultaneously scanning our email for important messages and replying to texts while we are having conversations. 

Really now ... It's sad truly. I for one am very guilty of this as well. It's easy to tell my 4 year old to play a game on his iPad or put on a tv show when I can't give immediate attention. 


Four things - in this regard:


1. We are not only teaching our kids from a young age to disconnect with their immediate feelings and wants but

2. We are also setting an example that the people who are close to them, who are supposed to keep them safe and help them feel secure are in fact, unavailable to them.

3. We are diminishing their feelings by not acknowledging their needs. 

4. We are not connecting to ourselves. Which is, I believe the most important thing. 

Don't get me wrong - I am a busy mom of two. I understand the demands of doing a billion things at ones. BUT - what if we just give attention where it is needed... Result - Kids who would be satisfied being happily busy with a task Mom gave when she actually listened and gave attention when needed. A feeling of being loved and acknowledged does wonders for the self esteem and thus growth, self confidence and sense of self is inevitable.

We are so used to being "distracted" that we cant appreciate the here and the now. Meditation is a way for us to cultivate awareness around exactly this. It instills tools for us to be ok with just being. It stills the mind ( which is SO bombarded ) and lays a foundation for better navigating life.

I am sharing a very informative article about the ABSOLUTE awesomeness of meditation. 

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