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Fear of Change 


Every single person experiences their own level of fear when it comes to change or the unknown. YOU ARE NOT ALONE ! Change is scary as hell because the outcome, the destination point, is unknown.

Our brains are designed to find peace in any given moment ... often, what happens though is that we become so fearful of the unexpected that we get stuck in situations, relationships and patterns of behaviour that affects us negatively ... mentally, emotionally and physically. It eventually  becomes easier to stick with the known, the safe, the familiar. 

We cocoon ourselves within this fuzzy blur of false comforts in the form of unhealthy avoidance patterns. These patterns are distructive to us, mentally, emotionally and physically. Whatever your pattern might be it could lead to things like, depression, low self esteem, physically becoming ill ... because deep down at the core of our being we know that we are not making decisions that align with our hearts true desire. We are in all actuality forsaking ourselves. It helps to remind ourselves that everything was once unknown to us ... we are born into this world unafraid of what the next moment may bring. 

We boldly took our first step without thinking twice about what the outcome of our action might be. When we are in infancy we instinctively make decisions that we are naturally and automatically drawn toward - to expand, to grow we need to be brave. We need to boldly take that first step, just as we did in infancy. 

If you feel stuck in a situation, a habitual pattern, a pattern of avoidance that you know is preventing you from living your life authentically - be bold, be brave and take that step. Change, growth, expansion, standing firmly and unafraid in your truth can be scary - but you are not alone in that feeling. 

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