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RE: Ilana Schutte
Yoga & Mindfulness Instructor Reference letter

Evexia is the first fully licensed psychiatric day-care centre in South Africa.

Being an institute who pride ourselves on our holistic approach toward therapy – Ilana has, during the past few months successfully been assisting us with facilitating Breath, Relaxation and Mindfulness sessions on a weekly basis at Evexia, Midstream.

The Meditation sessions have proven to be extremely beneficial. Ilana constructs her sessions mindfully; touching on certain subjects that individuals might personally be struggling with while gently guiding them to a state of relaxation and mindfulness.

A general session will consist of body awareness, checking in with the mental state of the group as well as the emotional state. Breathwork is included with guided tips to allow the individual/s the opportunity to recognise the effects that stress and anxiety has within the body.

Our findings have been that there is a clear and significant improvement in most if not all individuals’ blood pressure as well as heart rate levels post relaxation.

Ilana is a kind, compassionate, sincere and caring person who conducts all her sessions in a professional and non-judgmental manner. Her genuine respect for and acceptance of each and every individual, combined with the apparent benefits of the sessions have proven to be invaluable to our patients.

It is clear that Ilana is passionate about her field of expertise, loves sharing this skill with others and has a genuine interest in seeing others benefit from her input.

Ilana works well with our team at Evexia and we can wholeheartedly recommend her services to any institution who might consider making use of her services.




Winston Schoeman Clinical Psychologist
CEO and Founder of Evexia

Tel: 012 348 8200 | Email address:
Directors: Mr. W. Schoeman [MA Clinical Psychology(UP Pret)], Dr CE Schuler [MBChB MMed Psych(UP Pret)

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