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Stillness in Solitude

Meditating in Nature

It is in solitude that I am able to find stillness

Removed from everyday distractions 

Thinking pauses, just for a moment

Everything seemingly momentarily suspended

As the clock stops - and time, just for now does not matter

It is within this momentary pause 

That I find myself able to finally breathe 

An effortless calm settles within

Nothing matters but Now

THIS moment

I can feel my breathe move

In rhythm with self and the sensations that accompany

THIS perfect moment

The scent of the earth reminiscent of childhood play

Slight sting on my cheeks as the crisp early morning breeze

says "hi" to my cheeks - I smile 

Tingle in my toes and fingers

a reminder that I can feel, i am alive

The ever present rhythmic, steady beating of my heart

That answers to the call of a slow steady Inhale and Exhale

THIS moment

is perfect & all is well

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