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Embracing it, Not Changing it

Wheat field

I have tried to squeeze myself into

the confined spaces of others concept of what is considered 'normal'

Such an odd word ... 'normal'

What is 'normal' anyway ? 

To me - the sun is on fire when it radiates its orange embers of farewell - 

it sends a warmth all the way into my heart and makes my soul smile...

Fills me with an almost childlike joy and happiness and I can feel her happiness and gratitude as I allow that moment to just be felt and acknowledged

The moon speaks of depth and gives rise to sadness, grief and moments of yesterdays that need to be felt and honoured, reassuring that night is followed by day and the sun will rise soon

 Just as I see myself reflected in the depths of the ocean in slight uncertain hesitation of what is yet to be discovered


The world is in continuous conversation with all of us if we just allow ourselves a moment to truly listen. It converses with the very essence of our beings which is rooted in the privilege to be able to feel it all. Every single feeling pulses and radiates throughout the body and it is nothing but a gift that is so freely given

Every single draw of breath into the body, every single moment ...

'good', 'bad', 'ugly' is filled with such wonder. No, it is not our job to mould ourselves to the worlds idea or concept of 'normal'


I am in love with the process that is life:

The messiness, hurt, the breaking and unraveling, the redirections, unbecoming and becoming, the joy, elation, wonder and confusion, uncertainty, love and connections both made and lost

Through it all it is so deeply felt and shouldn't be any other way

Feel it, feel it all

Embrace it, Don't Change it

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