" A practitioner of yoga myself, it was in a yoga class that my mind wondered about kids yoga and the immense benefit it would have on kids. I immediately researched it and discovered a world of magnificence and wonderland. I love kids and I love yoga and the combination of the two is my absolute passion and joy! To be a kids yoga teacher today makes me proud that I can live my purpose and serve little delightful beings with the hope that they grow into abundant and appreciative, balanced and brave and confidently calm human beings. 

Timing is everything. I believe in this with my whole heart. I qualified in December 2017 and in 2018 I launched my brand Koga. 

Kids yoga is so needed in the times we live in today as a form of release, focus, rejuvenation, and presence.  

You can find Koga on social media @koga_kidsyoga or contact Ashnee directly +27 82 316 8682


The logo of the peacock is simple and easily recognisable for kids. Peacocks are an emblem of love, a messenger of dreams and the epitome of beauty in a single creature. Peacocks are associated with graceful, positive qualities such as courage, compassion, goodwill, nurturing, kind-heartedness, integrity, rejuvenation and good luck. This is what I hope the brand will encourage and foster in all who are associated with it. It also encourages a quiet confidence of boldness to allow yourself to stand out and be noticed and “let the true colours of you shine”.