Ashtanga Yoga


When the practice of Yoga starts, the practice of Self begins. We know that navigating life is rarely easy. We provide our tribe with a safe space. A space to declutter the mind, strengthen the body and most importantly connect with the inner self. Meeting each individual where they are, whether beginner or experienced. We do so with absolute compassion and understanding. Yoga helps us better navigate our life. Makes us breathe a little bit easier when things get tough. 

The word ensō refers to a hand brushed circle that has been created using one single brushstroke and in one single breath with no possibility of modification.  Just as with the ensō, there is a beginning to life and an end (from the brush touching the parchment & then finally leaving the paper), but the beginning and end continue in an ensō. Thereby also symbolizing the complete circle of life.

​The opening in the ensō represents the imperfection that is an essential and inherent aspect of existence. It may be open or closed. The opening perhaps showing us the beauty that lies even within the incomplete or, if you will, not so perfect moments within life.


Just as with our yoga practice, finding these little moments of perfection within the imperfection that is life takes practice, dedication, and determination.

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